Monday, January 21, 2013

He's Not My Captain!

From time to time (or, you know, every day), Squid does something that cracks me up. She had a keen sense of timing and usually does this right about the time I'm considering selling her to gypsies. Last night was no exception.

Yesterday was a long day for the Squid. She spent the night with her Aunt Kris while mommy and daddy worked. After I picked her up, we had to rush to church so I could help run a fund-raising crepe brunch. After that, it was a nap at home, then off to a spaghetti dinner fund-raiser for our neighbor who was paralyzed in an accident last year.

So much activity and so many people to entertain made the Squid tired, but also a bit over-stimulated, which makes her not want to sleep. On top of that, I found out she's getting a new molar, so her jaw hurt. A lot.

So, bath and jammies and snuggles were in order. It has become a bit of a ritual to watch an episode of Star Trek while giving her a neb treatment and after reading her a story or three. She was squirmy and had no interest in sitting still and getting ready for bed. She wanted to watch her signing video (for the millionth time) and kept trying to get me to understand what she wanted by making me sign "baby" (in case I didn't get it after 20 minutes of her signing "baby signing time".

I tried everything I could think of to get her to sleep. Finally, I decided to hold her and rock her while watching Star Trek: TNG.

I can't remember which episode it was. It might have been the one where the proto-Vulcans think Picard is a god. Inevitably, Picard uses his famous catchphrase: Make it so.

Squid wasn't taking any of that, though. She scrunched up her face, pointed at the tv screen, and said, "Noooooo!" She was very earnest in her refusal to make anything so.

Shortly after, she was placed in her crib, where she continued to sign for about 20 minutes before passing out.

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  1. See, he pointed and said something that sounds like "no", which I know she heard more than she wanted at my place. She was just responding in kind :)